ningxiaredcombopack_silo_us_2016_32634592004_oThere are two products in the Young Living product line that I am absolutely passionate about, and the first is NingXia Red!  I’d rather not spend my time each month going from doctor to pharmacy.  Even if you have good insurance, it still requires time away from work and it’s stressful!  So let’s make a shift in our thinking to take care of our families in a proactive rather than reactive way.  Have you ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” We can stop treating symptoms and start supporting systems by investing in our health, eliminating toxins and chemicals in our life, and flooding the body with nutrients and plant based ingredients instead.  My favorite way to do that is NingXia Red, a product that has me feeling better than I have in AGES!  Are you ready for some remarkable information on the NingXia Red product created by Gary Young of Young Living?  Here goes!

Purpose of NingXia Red

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The Benefits of NR

Thirty Reasons to Drink

Sound too good to be true?  Yeah, I understand.  I was skeptical too.  If you saw the video at the top of the page you already know my initial concerns.  Why don’t you check out my About page where I explain on video how NingXia Red helped me and why this matters to me so much.

NingXia for healthy blood sugar levels, heart health, eye health, liver health, skin health, weight management, and emotional wellness.  This product has helped me, and I know people this product will help, and so do you.

My Recommendation:


NingXia Red PSKBecome a wholesale member of Young Living at this link, and be sure the “Member” tab is marked (don’t sign up for retail – why pay full price?!) and then continue to the “Starter Kits” on the following page.  Click the second tab “Other Premium Kits” and choose the NingXia Red Kit.  View my information on Essential Rewards (VALUE!) then complete your enrollment.  Welcome to the Young Living support system of women (some men too) who care about wellness, purpose, and abundance!

More Information

If there is a special targeted nutritional supplement you are thinking of, and wondering if Young Living has their own version of that supplement, the answer is probably yes. Not only are their supplements top notch, they are all completely plant based, containing no added fillers, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients. Many chiropractors and health professionals have praised Young Living’s supplements, saying they are by far the best and purest on the market.

Some of Young Living’s most popular supplements include:
Ningxia Red (daily antioxidant drink) <— told ya
Slique (products for healthy weight management)
Multivitamins (Master Formula, Mineral Essence, Super B, MultiGreens, etc.)
Antioxidant Support (Super C, Longevity, OmegaGize)
Age-Based Nutrition (FemiGen, PD 80/20, Estro, Prostate Health, MegaCal, BLM)
Joint & Mobility (AgilEase, Cool Azul Pain Cream, Super Cal Plus)
System Solutions (DetoxZymes, Parafree Softgels, JuvaPower, JuvaTone Tablets, K&B, Allerzyme, Sulferzyme)
Targeted Support (ComforTone, Digest & Cleanse, Essentialzymes, Life 9 Probiotic, Alkalime, AminoWise, PowerGize, MindWise, Thyromin, Sulfurzyme)

The variety and selection of supplements seems almost endless, yet it makes it so easy to switch from your conventional supplements to something that is plant based, infused with essential oils, and much more effective for your body and overall wellness.  Because you deserve to be well.Carmen Signature - Copy - Copy (2)


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