Video is 10:43 and even if you aren’t that into math, I promise! THIS is math you’ll be happy about!

Essential rwds

A friend of mine told me: “Let me explain why Essential Rewards is so freaking awesome… I just placed an order for $301 & I currently earn 25% back via Essential Rewards because I have been on it for 25+ months. So that means I earned $75.25 BACK in Essential Rewards credit. Because I hit the 300PV I also earned $233 in F R E E product.  I’m essentially getting $308 dollars worth of free stuff if you include my rewards points…  That’s deodorant, toothpaste, household cleaners, vitamins, and essential oils for my family’s health.  These products keep my family and I healthy, which saves us so much money on medical bills.”

She’s right.  Essential Rewards is the best value and it is so “Rewarding” that it absolutely is “Essential” …maybe that’s why they call it Essential Rewards.  Hmm…

Did I mention the FREE products?

There are different ordering tiers – $190, $250, or $300. If you order over any of those amounts in one single order, they will automatically include the FREE monthly products, which could add up to hundreds of dollars in stuff you didn’t have to pay for. Cool, huh?!

This is the secret to getting the most out of your Young Living Membership!

clarity_15ml_silo_us_2016_24231634000_oDo what Ashley did in the video, and do what I did.  I ditched the chemical-laden stuff and moved my purchases over to Young Living. In August I spent just over $300 on the Essential Rewards program, ordering a few products for myself and a few items for my friends as well.  I (plus two of my friends) spent a combined total of $312 on products, and received NINE free bottles of essential oils as gifts!  NINE, and these included Lemon Vitality (a favorite of mine), Envision, Citrus Fresh, Clarity (looking forward to this one!), TummyGize (Digize but formulated for children), GeneYus, SniffleEase, Sleepyize, and Owie.  This was the Young Living back-to-school promotion for the month of August and five of those oils are formulated for children – how cool!  That is $202.50 in products that they sent me free of charge!  And that’s just the freebies!  I’m telling you, this math works!  The free products will be different each month, and this helps you create a collection of oils to have on hand so that you are prepared for anything.

Great tips:

TIP:  The NingXia Red Essential Rewards Kit is the best value for purchasing NingXia Red, so that might be a great way to begin your first Essential Rewards order.

TIP:  Spend only $50 a month to remain in the program.  Spend $300 a month to really maximize the value of the rewards program.  (I may not always have that $300 to spend, but I take advantage of it every time I can, and you should too!)  Cancel at any time.

TIP:  Your family uses toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, shampoo, deodorant, supplements, makeup, and OILS…why not earn FREE products as you buy the things you use?  That’s value!

This is the way I make the most of my Young Living Wholesale Membership.Carmen Signature - Copy - Copy (2)


More Information:

Essential Rewards Explained

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