9 AEYou should know that you can get your Young Living products for free.  This involves ranking up to the Executive level by sharing Young Living with your friends.  Then you’ll earn enough in commission to cover your monthly Essential Rewards order – PLUS SOME!  That’s such a VALUE that I really thought you should know.  But before we get going too much on the financial reasons for jumping in with both feet (and Young Living offers LOTS of incentive to really jump in and WORK IT!) here’s something that’s really important to me!


Find your “Why”. This may be one of my favorite life skills that I’ve found in the Young Living support system, and it’s not a complicated one.  Listen to this podcast which will take 37 minutes.  Then pop over here and get the pep talk.  Gotta tell you, I LOVED this part!  And, as it happens, I was learning this at the same time I was starting another new business and so what I learned here helped me in that venture as well.  Finding your “Why” is huge, and I think you’ll agree!  After you’ve heard and seen these two, contact me and tell me your “why”, I can’t wait to hear from you!

BTW – my WHY is pretty simple.  You deserve to be well.  And that’s why I talk to you about Young Living products, because I know they can help you be well.  That’s something that matters to me. 

Dream BigSecond:

The next step is taking a close look at your dream.  This is good for all of us to do at some point and that’s why I’m so pleased to find this material in the Young Living support system.  First, there is a podcast called Test Your Dream and it is 35 minutes. Dreams are more than just a laundry list of things we want to own – it’s about what your purpose is in life – how are you uniquely qualified to help the people around you?  What were you put here to accomplish?  When you’ve had a chance to absorb this, I want you to contact me and tell me your dream.  I can’t wait to hear from you!


The next step is another really interesting and practical guide which sparked some very interesting ideas for me.  Here is another podcast, this one only 13 minutes, and this is all about your short term goals.  You can see how this progresses from your motivation – you Why – to your dream – which is slightly more practical.  Here’s where we get really practical and hands on with making some specific and useful goals.  Make your list of 100 people, assess the list, and set your goals.  I can’t wait to read your thoughts after you’ve heard this one!


Language matters, and we all know that *how* something is said is often just as important as *what* is said – with that in mind, here is another great podcast with helpful information: “Say This, Not That.” and this one is 23 minutes long.  It’s helpful isn’t it?  I really thought so.  I might need to heard this a few more times to make sure it’s all soaking in.  Don’t forget to email me your thoughts on this one!


I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t let you know that there is more that you should know.  So let’s talk about ABUNDANCE, shall we? (YES!!)Carmen Signature - Copy - Copy (2)

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