The Comp plan at Young Living is pretty complicated, and I’ve gone over it a bunch of times, but I’ve found the simplest information in this video.  I find this information helpful in terms of setting my own goals for the level I’d like to reach in Young Living.

5 AEThis, combined with the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement will help you get a feel for the goals that are right for you in this company.  Here is a more detailed look at the income possibilities with Young Living – the Compensation Plan.  Ok, just remember  – there is no pop quiz coming up, you don’t have to understand the whole thing right now.  I think it’s really helpful to look over the information and decide on your personal goals, otherwise, just focus on gaining that first goal of getting the products you use for free – and look forward to the rewards that are coming your way!  You don’t have to pass a test or understand every last detail to cash your check, so just keep caring about people and seeing how you can help them and when you’re ready, we can talk about how to structure your life for success.  Contact me with your thoughts on this one – can’t wait to hear from you!  Now that you’ve seen what is possible with Young Living – what is your goal?!

Making money using Young Living – YAY!  Who wouldn’t want to get essential oils for free and earn great rewards from your wholesale membership?!  I can’t wait to chat with you about all this stuff!  Oh the places we’ll go and the things we’ll see!

With Abundance,

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