First, I want to share with you why Young Living products matter so much to me (helped me live my dream!) and why I want to share them with everyone I care about (that includes you!).  So take 4:34 minutes for the video, then read on.

My essential oil journey began some 15 years ago when I started making hand made soup as a business.  I quickly grew my collection of oils from places like Aromaland and Bramble Berry, two companies that supply great products for soapers and folks who make skin pampering potions of all sorts.  I created soaps, soaks, and potions to sell, and enjoyed working with the combination of color, texture, skin pampering ingredients, and scents.  I did tons of research (most of which I’ve completely forgotten) but thankfully, there is a notebook of formulas in my storage unit somewhere.  That’s great, because there were two fragrance combinations that I created from the Song of Solomon, a “Solomon” and “Shulamite” (the lovers of the Biblical book written by Solomon) scent blend that are still remarkable combinations even all these years later when the formula is long gone from my memory.  Hopefully all those notes are still in that notebook, I did keep scrupulous notes!  At that time, it was all about the scent/color/texture/soap combination (plus skin pampering elements) and I LOVED the multi-sensory experience of creating new combinations.  And that’s when I first began to immerse myself in the world of essential oils and for me it was all about color, scent, skin pampering, and self expression.

Years later I was living in a tiny house on wheels, I was falling through the cracks of the medical system and I was struggling with Asthma and Allergies and so I began to explore essential oils once again.  Before long I also discovered a mold problem in my home, so I explored using essential oils and Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of that nasty little problem.  I threw away all my coats and shoes that were moldy, washed all my clothing that had mold spores in it (my favorite wool sweater would now fit a very swanky 8 year old) and that was fortunately a very effective help toward the health issues I was experiencing.  I also realized essential oils were very useful in making my own super-simple alternatives to the products I had been purchasing for years, and so I began using essential oils to create simple and cost-effective alternatives to cleaning and self-care products.  Plus, I really love nothing better than a research project, so I once again I immersed myself in learning about essential oils.  I found them useful for self care and for taking care of my tiny house on wheels, and it’s especially helpful that these amazing little potions are also really helpful in simplifying life in my tiny house.  It seems that I’ve been working toward Simplicity for many years now, and essential oils are helping me reach that goal.

More recently, as I was researching the purity claims various essential oil company’s make, I was impressed by the seed to seal promise (If you are curious, it’s all here) from the Young Living company.  I found this very impressive.

I am also a very frugal person, and I learned that there were cost effective ways to get Young Living products.  That’s when I signed on to become a wholesale member of the Young Living company, and signed up for the Essential Rewards program from day one.

I’m glad I did.  I’ve since tried more of the product line from Young Living and I’ll be honest, I’ve been impressed.  I’ve talked to some friends about these products (because when you find a good thing – you share it) and some of them are also signing up.

Here’s the thing (and this is extremely important to me): I refuse to be a sales person.  I have worked retail for many years and even at that, I never really was a sales person.  I matched people to products that seem to fit them, but I never pressured anyone to buy.  I’ve observed the various ways of manipulating people to make a purchase (“close a sale”) and that whole thing is repulsive to me.  I want nothing to do with that and so you have my promise that I will never intentionally manipulate you to purchase anything, ever.

IMG_1445I have a rather vivid memory of someone who wanted to sell me Amway, and since I was not interested in the product, they were not interested in a friendship with me.  That was especially painful because those folks were part of my extended family of in-laws at the time.  Since then there have been lots of other companies cross my path, some with some interesting products, but I still never signed on.  I don’t see people as dollar signs, I will never be all “salesy” with this line of products.  I run a number of businesses, and I don’t have time nor inclination to become a sales person.  (Geshenke, Carmen Shenk, Tiny House Foodie, plus I love to play with YARN!!!)  However, I’ll provide LOTS of organized information that you can devour or sip.  And if you choose to join my team, you can be sure that I’ll never intentionally push you to make a purchase or expand the profitability of your life with Young Living.  However, should you be interested in the money-making potential (I’ve looked at this carefully, and the math DOES work) of this product line, I’m here to support you by providing the information you need without the consumerist pressure.   You can be a minimalist, anti-consumerist, zero-waste person who loves Young Living products (just like me) or you can take this thing in your own direction.  I’m here to support you, not judge you, and certainly not to pressure you.

If you are considering a Young Living wholesale membership (Think Sam’s Club – but it’s all available online online in the comfort of your own home, and there is no annual fee!) then I’d really appreciate it if you’d contact me.  Every member of my team is someone I consider a friend, and I’m not interested in helping you sign up until we’ve made a connection.  Here’s why: I don’t want to ever see you as a dollar sign.  After all, this is all about taking good care of ourselves and our families and friends.

Gary Young, the gentlemen who created these amazing products and the Young Living brand, uses these three words to describe the Young Living mission: wellness, purpose, and abundance.  These three words really resonate with me, so I even surprise myself when I say that I’d love to welcome you to my support network of amazing women who are all working toward wellness, purpose, and abundance together.  I might even add “Simplicity” and “Self Care” because those are two that have also really become important to me in my Young Living journey.  Nobody should be alone in this journey so I’m here to help and so are a whole group of other women entrepreneurs.  I hate phones, but I’m perfectly happy to use email, Messenger, Skype, etc. to connect with you.  I’m Carmen Rose Shenk.  Find me on Facebook or Twitter or use that “Contact” link to drop me a line.  I look forward to meeting you.  Yes, you.  Let’s explore abundance, wellness, and purpose (“Purpose” is the part that absolutely shouts at me – in fact, I talk a LOT about it in my forthcoming book!) but I digress.  LOL!

You deserve to be well.

You deserve to live a purposeful and abundant life.

BTW, there is a “Contact Me” link in that bar at the top of the page.  Just so you know.

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