Digize may be my favorite essential oil blend, I certainly don’t leave home without it.  This is the blend for digestive support.  Any time the tummy is uncomfortable, do what I do.  I use a bit of coconut or olive oil in the palm of my hand, then add a few drops of Digize and then gently rub it all over my stomach.  Using a little bit of carrier oil with this blend helps it to cover more territory on your skin, and helps to slow evaporation so that you gain the benefits of the oil for longer.  A number of my friends use Digize Vitality in a capsule with olive or coconut oil, and then take the capsule internally, but it also works very quickly to use it topically.  Whenever you’ll be eating food that you are not accustomed to, grab this blend.  You’ll quickly come to love it like I do!

Thank you Young Living Dream Team!


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