Detox Your Home

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health studied 2,983 ingredients in our products at home and found 884 toxic ingredients, 314 caused biological mutations, 218 caused reproductive problems, 778 were toxic to the human body, and 146 cause cancer tumors.  I’m not interested in having any of THAT in my home, thank you very much!

That’s about 2,983 reasons to ditch all those toxic “Big Pharma” products and replace them with one bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner.  I’m a minimalist and I love that I can makeover my entire cleaning closet with this one simple product.  I’m also doing my best to go zero waste, and that’s why it matters so much to me (and the environment) to avoid buying all those plastic bottles of expensive cleaners.  One bottle does so much!   See More –>

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